Telefonica Diagonal 00 Tower

The lab is located on Telefonica headquarters in Torre Diagonal 00, in the Forum area. More than 150 people from different disciplines, ranging from design, user experience, development, operations, etc.

Telefónica I+D lab opened in Barcelona in 2002.

The lab in Barcelona performs activities in which Telefónica is a leader, such as the development of new multimedia services and its application in people’s everyday life: company, home, leisure world, telemedicine or tele-education. It also collaborates on projects at local level and those financed by the state or by the European Union.

In 2006 this center became the Center of Excellence in the areas of Internet and Multimedia of Telefónica R&D, an area where the company had already achieved major successes, as the creation and development of Imagenio, digital interactive television of Telefónica.

Following the transformation that Telefónica is experiencing, it has developed several key actions:

More recently, it has become the center for Big Data research for Telefonica.

Our current Gastronomy related project tries to use Big Data applied to the large collections of recipes that you can find on the Internet.