Ramon Sangüesa

Begin both a professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Polythechnic University of Catalonia, and a research affiliate of the Center for Organizational Innovation of Columbia University in NYC put Ramon in a privileged spot with respect to the Digital Food Lab.

He collaborated with Pilar Opazo’s on her PhD work about the creativity and innovation patterns at elBulli and ElBulliFoundation and was a member of her PhD Committee.

Beyond overseeing the observational and analytical work of Pilar, and true to his dedication to active design research, he also devised, organized and facilitated the HackingBullipedia contest process. Through this, he scouted, connected and invited to participate the most advanced research groups in world-class universities that dealt with technologies directly or indirectly related to Bullipedia: machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things, contextual design, visualization, big data…. Later on he analyzed the different contributions to HackingBullipedia and spotted the most promising lines of research.

Ramon keeps collaborating in innovation and creativity projects at Telefónica I+D.