Oriol Ribera

Oriol Ribera is Telecommunications Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and certified in Data Science by the Washington University. His passion in software development, technology, design, and contemporary cuisine have driven him across a rich global perspective on R&D: Hitachi Japan, Nokia’s Mobile Internet Applications, Telefonica Research, and Ferran Adria’s Digital Lab elBulliFoundation.

He contributed to the identification of digital opportunities in the field of digital food by coordinating by the end of 2013 the open innovation challenge Hacking Bullipedia to spot global disruptive technologies in knowledge, flavour, and taste sharing via Internet, leveraging on innovation departments of 25 tier one worldwide universities. Resulted in the identification of a internet flavour sharing device, reputation networks technology, and a big data driven creative design tool.

Remarkable media impact in feature stories by Wired and Eater magazines. Coordinator of the first worldwide conference in food and computer science congress Gastro Tech Days cited by Wired UK magazine in October 2012 and Business Insider in October 2011.

He is a promoter of the “Digital Food” category leveraging on ingredient networks, food related recommendation systems, food and nutrition open datasets, and related digital services.