Orestes Sanchez

I started my contacts with elBulli during the first 10Fridays call. I had the opportunity to meet Ferran and David during those weeks, and I get surprised because of the methods they were using, so close to scientific reporting.

I then move to other projects, and finally on 2014 there was the opportunity to lead the team at the Digital Food Lab. Learning the language of gastronomy, and the language elBulli team had developed for 20 years is not easy. We spent the first year knowing each other and discovering new working areas and interests.



Finally on 2015 we came to the idea of the Lexicon and the Taxomap applications, two enablers for the digital dissemination goal at elBulli. And we built prototypes for them. I am eager to show them to everybody, how we can get the pieces of information we have created and share them with the world.