Maria Jose Tomé

I am Telecommunications and electronics Engineer. Always working in technological innovation, I joined Telefónica in 2006 to work in turning new opportunities into real by applying technology to disciplines where our capacities provide a real differential value. With digital food I had the chance of rolling it out to gastronomy discipline.

In 2013 I managed to shape, together with Ferran and his team, such a crazy and amazing idea as Bullipedia was. We developed a prototype that combined ElBulli creations with social relevance algorithms in order to generate a new structured information plot that would allow labs and gastronomy research centers to develop new techniques and flavours not experimented in the past. In addition, in 2013 we successfully launched first edition of Hacking Bullipedia, a global worlwide Challenge where we counted with the participation of well-known research and gastronomy communities in order let them be part and decide on what Bullipedia potentially be.

My work both in the Digital Food Lab and in Telefónica has consisted in landing ideas around data hype and through working prototypes that, thanks to the ordering, processing and representation, we have managed to turn into real opportunities in the digital sector. I have worked with this purpose in sectors like advertising, tourism, gastronomy and, currently, privacy and security.