Diego Diáz López

I work in Telefónica R&D, and I have Telecommunications Degree. I’ve always been very curious, and that led me to work in different areas of the company, or other countries such as Brazil.

As project manager for Innovation and Open Innovation at Telefónica R&D during 2015 I was responsible for the relationship with elBullifoundation. If you are passionate about innovation, and from Bilbao (which almost always means that the art of food), working with the team at elBulli is a unique opportunity.

Open innovation relationships are complex and require learning processes on both sides. During this last period we have started to see concrete results after a long collaboration with specific applications as Lexicapp and Taxomapp for Bullipedia.

We have also accelerated the development of tools that enable creativity, combining the knowledge in the world of gastronomy from elBulli and technology from Telefónica Big Data initiatives. I hope that soon you can use, and give start to a digital revolution in the world of gastronomy.