While the team was prototyping different ways to navigate and visualize the categories of the Gastronomy, we realized that we needed a tool to browse through the categories. We created Taxomapp as an application to manipulate and navigate through those classifications.

In this way, we apply new technologies to ease the knowledge organization in Gastronomy. It is initially applied to product categories, and it will be leveraged to other gastronomic classifications, like tools, techniques, etc.

It allows building concept maps to educate and innovate, in order to facilitate gastronomic classifications dissemination. We explore concepts like faceted navigation, visualization and information organization.

By using Big Data analysis on the non-elaborated products from LexicApp, the taxonomy from elBullifoundation and the taxonomy of LanguaL, we classified the products and “discovered” parts of them, also used as non-elaborated products.

The initial prototype allows visualization of the hierarchical taxonomy of non-elaborated products – the basic elements of Gastronomy.