The need to organize knowledge in gastronomy leads us to consider a dictionary creation, curated and reviewed by gastronomy professionals. This dictionary describes the Gastronomy vocabulary.

Gastronomy Lexicon (a.k.a. LexicApp) is a learning tool for gastronomy terms and vocabulary. It is an alphabetically organized list with limited information on non-elaborated products.

Not unlike the periodic table of elements in Chemistry that arranges all the known elements in an informative array, non-elaborated products are the basic elements that allow the combination of ingredients to build elaborations in Gastronomy.

Our research started on the basic list of non-elaborated products. We mined dbpedia.org (and es.dbpedia.org) using SPARQL and Big Data analysis in order to get as many details as possible from them. In this way, we have been able to extract descriptions, scientific names, images and names in other languages from about 80% of the non-elaborated products.

We created the tool LexicApp as a demonstrator. This tool is also linked to other Bullipedia tools like Taxomapp.