Gastro Tech Days

The GastroTechDays conference, was a Gastronomy and Technology focused meeting that took place in 2011. It was organised by Telefónica R&D and elBullifoundation, and held at Telefónica’s heardquarter in Barcelona. The event became highly popular and embraced 200 people altogether.

The encounter was hosted by the gastronomy celebrity Ferran Adrià and Pablo Rodríguez, product innovation and research director in Telefónica R&D. It aimed to encourage the commitment in the development and progress of technology within Gastronomy. He boosted the attendees to be the pioneers and the promoters of the nouvelle cuisine.

This event was able to be developed thanks to the support of Telefónica R&D, the event organiser, Guia Repsol, who promoted most of the activities, Estrella Damm, that hosted the main conference dinner, CETT, the hotel management school, that took over the project and provided all the necessary facilities.

GastroTechDays lasted two days. On day one, the main topic was “Blog for food” which was dedicated to the emergent tendencies around blogs, recommendations, social media and digital journalism as a gastronomical universe. This conference was organised by bloggers such as Jorge Guitián, the Diario del Gorumet de Provincias blog responsible, and TxaberAllué, known by its videoblog El Cocinero Fiel. It consisted of two roundtables where their social networks interaction were discussed.

Thought for food” was the core of the second and last session. It was co-organised by Pablo Rodríguez and Balachander Krishnamurthy, from AT&T. It gathered 13 technology experts that exposed the gastronomy world vision.

All the GastroTechDays video sessions can be watched in this link.

Summary of each talk:

M. Powell. Food Hacking & Food Genome is an interesting talk about how to hack recipes and about what defines the creativity building blocks and their social acceptance. It also explains different technological solutions about both creativity generation and trends on visualisation.

Shared Cooking and Shared Eating by Kenton O’Hara unveils how eating with more people influences cooking. It is an ethnographic and anthropological research about the traditions, customs and practices of eating with more people, in particular, related to the using information.

Keynote – Food, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights by Johanna Blakley This lecture focused in the products features and the gastronomical and culinary knowledge. He also addresses open innovation, open economy and network. 

Ingredients, Flavours and Data Mining by S. Anhert & Y.Ahn This presentation was more scientific than the rest. It centred upon how the style of every cuisine had to do with the ingredients. Do it may sound obvious, it was relevantly interesting because they studied how the ingredients “matched”.

Rating of Restaurants 2.0 What do reviews tell? By Thomas Roelleke Thomas pointed how the cultural differences impacts in the plates, recipes and restaurants appreciation. He stressed that the food-related appreciation was not only about culinary aspects, but also about local proximity.

Super Mario’s Mushrooms: the role of food in video games by Gerri Sinclair Gerri Sinclair explained how food in videogames could be used as an energy source, a way of gaining points and a way of socializing.

Food and Computer Science by Paula Inverdi Paula’s talk spined around finding the link between Gastronomy design processes and software engineering.

Trends is Aesthetics, Art and Cooking by Gerard Vilar and Jessica Jacques They showed a close approximation in food aesthetic and Gastronomy. They explained many aspects related to this topic, from illustrating how the aesthetic experience can be reevaluated to unveiling the outputs of working with elBulli.


All the GastroTechDays video sessions can be watched in this link.