El Bullito

During the stay of David Lopez at Telefonica R&D Lab, as Expert in Residence (part of our Open Innovation program), the elBullifoundation team had the opportunity to learn about other innovation projects that were being developed in our Lab. One of them was Mapocci interactive toy, a toy used for playing, learning and therapeutic contexts, based on Arduino and a 3G shield. Its mission was to improve non-verbal communication between children that were geographically remote to each other.

Mapocci was the winner of the NextThings Open Challenge on Art and Technology, sponsored by Telefonica R&D and Laboral Art and Industrial Creation.

It was proposed and developed by Laura Malinverni and Lilia Villafuerte.

As an outcome of the contact, a prototype for “El Bullito”, a toy by elBulliFoundation, was launched, and several sketches of the toy and prototypes were built.


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