Bullipedia prototype at Wired

The initial Bullipedia proposal was to become the largest and most accurate Western Gastronomy repository in the world.

A prototype was built showing two spaces with the same goal, innovation: One was Creativity Today, which showed daily information about the creative work of 30 people at elBullifoundation and the latest news of creative trends worldwide. The other space was Creative Archive, where you could learn about gastronomy and gather knowledge. The latter was the most inspirational part of the prototype.

It had a search engine, properly distributed and highly efficient which allowed for inspiration of new ideas. Its focus was on teaching and learning. Chefs, cooks and foodies around the world would enthusiastically use this tool in order to become more innovative.

In summary, this tool prototype could be applied in different ways:

  • Creativity tool, in order to explore options in the creation of recipes in its conceptual phase
  • Educational tool, in order to explore taxonomies and classifications
  • Operational tool, in order to create conceptual maps for specific products

Soon after this prototype was released, Bullipedia was featured in a Wired event in London as well as in one of Wired’s magazines at the end of 2012. Wired magazine showed the vision of what elBulliFoundation could become and explained some of the features of the Bullipedia prototype.

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