The 10Fridays programme offers the chance to a number of people in all TID to work on their ideas during 20% of their time. That is, 1 day per week during 10 weeks. The team must have a maximum of 3 members, ideally one or two. Up to 20 people can participate in each round and if more than 20 people apply, the proposals are selected by lottery.

A 10Fridays call for innovation was made within Telefónica, exclusively dedicated to elBulli. For this programme, employees can propose any idea of their own harvest that targets one of the challenges set forth by the open innovation partners. It enables out of the box new ideas.

In this case, it was famous chef Ferran Adrià, who gave an inspirational talk at Telefonica´s Auditorium in Barcelona, in which he set forth a set of challenges:

  1. What cloud services should be in-place.
  2. How to link communications among different buildings and locations.
  3. What M2M or IoT technologies will enhance the space expression.
  4. How to build the most innovative brainstorming meeting room.
  5. What the requirements are to build the reference platform to capture and share information.

Different ideas were displayed by the employees, and the best five proposals were selected:

  1. App Creatividad. A tool to record creativity processes at elBulli.
  2. ElBull10F Communication, Ubiquous personal communicator and Data log. A system that allows permanent connectivity both to gather up information and store new ideas as to easily and hastily communicate with any other team member. In an open space like elBulli, it will be a useful tool to enhance inspiration and creativity.
  3. Gastrology, Interactive Whiteboard Evolution. It consists of a hyperbolical tree with navigation facilities and faceted filter for chefs.
  4. Traceability and presence at elBulli. It would be a framework that would trace and look for the presence of the people in elBulliFoundation. After that, the data would be analysed and would be structured so that different systems could use this information (presence combined with security, energetic efficiency with sustainability, etc.)
  5. Brainstorming with Advanced Interaction. The use of tablets and big format mobiles (e. g. Samsung Galaxy Note) to ease elBulli brainstorming sessions
  6. Experience. The idea was to change the table conditions in order to transform dinner guests’ experience. The use of ambient temperature, music and sound. Also, the practise of air currents, projected pictures, etc. All these sources would be highly related with the food type and commensals.

The chosen ideas were left more time so they could be further developed. They made a ranking of the best ones and the best two matured proposals were given the funding to make the prototype. Projects followed lean startup methodologies.